Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Sometimes I write things simply to amuse myself

Myself, and other English teachers.  This is one of those things.

Upon Marking One Hundred and Fifty Freshman Essays

When you start a new
thought, start a new

paragraph. Comma. Comma.
Comma, comma, comma.
It's means "it is."  Where
is your thesis?  This is a good
start.  However,
and Comma. Dangling.
 ^ Comma splice:
use semi-colon (;)
New thoughts mean new

paragraphs. Unclear:
reword. (Unnecessary.)  I’d
like you to look at this again.
Comma, comma, comma.
New thought, new

paragraph. Indent.  
Wandering.  What
is your point?

paragraph. Double space,
please. Title?  Is this a rough
draft or a final one?
Comma, comma, period.
New para.
New p


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